[keep in mind when you read this that for once I'm not writing at 2am, instead I'm not exactly rushing, but not exactly in the mood to wonder if my sentences all make sense/be super deep. So just go with the flow!]

Well I don't know if you remember me talking about wishing I had a song, I wrote about it back in October/November (here's the link), but that is what this post is a sequel to. Sorta.

Sometimes, God doesn't see your hurt and say "Here, I'll take care of that right here and now." even though He wants to. And because of that I got to deal once again, just like we all do, with having faith when we can't see God in a real "hey, let me give you a hug." sort of way.
Patience. Obedience. 
and then, blessing!

Yesterday one of my best friends sent me this song that has become so deeply personal to me that I won't even put it as my status. She said that it reminded her of me, and not just because I live in Virginia (also, I don't feel like hearing from the people that dislike country. For once, I don't need to hear their opinion). Here's some lyrics:
"Carrying the weight on the end of a limb
You’re just waiting for somebody to pick you up again
Shaded by a tree, can’t live up to a rose
All you ever wanted was a sunny place to grow

Pretty little thing, sometimes you gotta look up
And let the world see all the beauty that you’re made of
‘Cause the way you hang your head nobody can tell
You’re my Virginia Bluebell"

So simple. So gorgeous. I cried from being happy today.
Thought I'd share!

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