Are you ever just overtaken with someone's inner beauty? I was thinking about it today, mainly because I have a new friend who is just the total opposite of me, and I find whenever I'm around people who really surprise me by the things they say or the way they think that they cause me to deeply think about the things I know to be true. Two of my best friends, Amber and Marissa, don't really seem to worry about what they wear. They wear what they like and they fit their own personal style. When I'm around them I'm comfortable and I don't feel out of place, which is really saying something. Sometimes it can be difficult around people who truly care what they are wearing and how it looks and how much it costs because...I don't really fit in that world. 

But these girls are b-e-a-utiful! It helps that their outside bodies are rockin, but more importantly they have beautiful spirits! Both of them make me want to sit outside with them under the sky and just talk about life and smile and laugh. I have other friends who do that as well, and I love it. I love the inner passionate side of people that shines through, and it always astounds me when I find that some of my friends [girls and guys alike] think less of themselves, when I know people who are 'all that and a bag of who cares' who don't inspire the same in me. They don't ooze passion or love, they don't even seem to genuinely smile. 

They seem lost.

And I gotta admit, I'm partly talking to myself here. I get wrapped up in not how I look, but how I don't look. I often feel uncomfortable around people because I know that they look good and I don't. And that's something that doesn't just go away, and I'm tired of thinking that I'll stop feeling that way when I'm finally skinny. I have to live for today, and who I am right at this very moment, even if that means that pants don't fit me like I want. People don't enjoy being around you because your pants fit just right, or because you smell like a king (that's an inside joke with one of my friends, and he's gonna laugh when he reads this post months from now). They love you because they just love YOU. They want to hear your thoughts and what's going on with your life, they love your heart, and they want to share their heart with you.

05/14/2011 09:32

I now have Super Nova Girl stuck in my head. Thanks for that. Lovely post. <3

PS. Mega points for the oldschool Disney reference. Maybe you're not too young after all. ;)


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