A few days ago I added another name to my 'list of names I love/want to name my children'
Maybe that sounds crazy to you. Maybe it doesn't. Personally, I've had this list since 1st or 2nd grade. And sure, the names have changed (some of them), I no longer want to name one of my girls Jo, after Josephine March. (The main character from Little Women, it was my favorite book in 2nd grade). I've also gone back and forth over whether or not to give names that run in my family, such as Michael and David. I love both of those names, which I think should be enough. Doesn't the name David Keagan sound amazing? But back to the point of this blog!
Just kidding, there is no real point. Do you care? I don't.

I was listening to a song and that lyric "your name feels good on my lips" was sung, and I started thinking...
the only name that feels good on my lips are on this list of names. And only because I'm looking forward to these loves like none other. 

The newest name:
It sounds like tie.
But means 'the sea'
So awesome.

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