Prompt: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?
Well first, 3 things:
1. This post is actually supposed to be about my future self, so if you're looking for that writing prompt, well, I didn't feel like writing about that. 
2. I don't actually believe in this. I'm very much a 'no regrets' sort of person, and that's saying something if you know my past. I wouldn't change any of it, because it got me here.
3. I was 10 years old ten years ago (4th grade). So here's a picture so you have a mental image:
such a crappy picture, sorry people. Didn't feel like scanning it (or learning HOW to scan it). Also, I went to private school and was not actually a fan of the collared shirts and jumpers.
To 10 year old me:
I'm sorry you get lonely, but I'm so glad that you find such immense comfort in books and God. Go with that, both will take you amazingly far. Fifth grade will be hard and you'll get really scared of the rapture and losing your parents. Eventually, you will find complete peace in that subject, just know that God is awesome and loving. When you get older, know that just because you meet a boy in youth group, doesn't mean he's a Christian. When you like a guy, don't be scared to talk to him. You are loved. Try and memorize all your memories of your grandmother, they will fade as you get older. Don't let people bully and hurt you, you can take them. Worry less and let go of your fear of the dark, the bad things in your life happen in the light. Don't be scared of driving, eventually you'll love it. When you meet Steph next year, don't believe everything you hear about her, she turns out to be one of your most awesome friends. Stay off the internet until your 19. Please.

Even though for a few years it'll seem like all the boys in your life have a common goal of lowering your standards and convincing you that they're all jerks...
they're not.

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