He was right, I did tire of him playing scales repetitiously on the piano obnoxiously fast. Music however, is always comforting. His fingers play on and on, and I can him hear him even though I'm outside on a lawn that I've never sat on before, and it is beyond beautiful outside. This yard is full of color without being overcrowded without flowers - yes, I am one of those strange people that can appreciate grass just as much as flowers. Grass seems more effortless somehow, although flowers will always be more graceful.
I've been thinking lately that maybe it's all in how you see things. And by 'it's' I mean...what everything is all about. I mean obviously, it's all about other stuff to. But outlook has become interesting to me. It's so easy to see all the negative things, even here, amongst all these flowers. A lot of these bushes need to be pruned and their neighbor's grass needs to be cut. But aren't those things just so trivial? Back to outlook:
a way of seeing things or really, a way of NOT seeing things. It's not "looking at the positive side" so much as not putting so much weight on the negative. If you always look at things with the view of "it could always be better/approved on" when do you have time to enjoy...anything? When it's perfect?

Lately I've been dwelling on two things:
I like a guy that wouldn't be great for me in the long run, but would be a lot of fun while it lasted AND
the difference between someone loving you, and someone liking you.That maybe they love you because you're family, but they don't like you because they've never really tried to get to know you.

You know what I've found?
I can't solve either of these things.
But I can not be so wrapped up in myself, in my problems. I can change what I choose to think about all the time. I feel like some people will always choose to look at the wreckage of something, and some will always choose to look at the survivors. [Does that make sense? I hope it does]
I feel like this blog post took a weird serious turn, which is not what I was trying for, but such is life! A little bit more about where I get to spend this Wednesday:
It has bricks that are warm on the soles of my feet
Chipmunks that are a little less then brave, and will stay and look at you as you approach, but not for too long
And shade that I can only describe as dappled.

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