Have you ever told someone that you're done with something, even when you've only just begun, but you're pretty sure you can finish before they need it?
Here's hoping I can :)

And a poem, dedicated to the 'Spaces' on my Mac. You are lovely, now that I know how you work. 
And so this is what it feels like
To watch your heart fly away
Tied to the leg of a carrier pigeon.
I couldn’t want it back more
As it is my stomach is twisting
Lungs contracting
My body misses my heart already.
I’ve foolishly shared it with you
And now it hangs in suspense
Waiting to be rejected,
Forgotten once again.

So begins the battle of keeping it together
All my shattered pieces
Most of them aching to be free
To separate from the rest
Tears fall and I just can’t stay awake anymore.
I’m sorry my love
Please don’t hate me for choosing to just…
Float away.


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