God gives you opportunities to show patience. And thusly you learn how to be patient. 
-----> It's a dangerous thing to pray. 
My friend and I were talking about that two nights ago, and I shared with him that sometimes I don't pray things like that simply because you are guaranteed to learn the lesson the hard way pretty quickly. Then I went to bed, easy peasy.

Then yesterday, BAM. Looks like God saw fit to show me that I don't need to pray that prayer for Him to show me how to be patient. 

It's not often I end up sincerely apologizing for something that I am not in the wrong for, but I did yesterday. I apologized to someone for hurting them, even though they were just annoyed, and the entire time I thought about how sharing your heart can be a dangerous thing. Maybe that's why I haven't shared a lot while I've been here. Maybe we're given radar in our hearts to warn us of when some people aren't ready to hear it. And if that's true, then my radar has been beeping a lot lately. It's sad, but that's part of what comes from guarding your heart. And from knowing that some people aren't ready to hear certain things. 

So yesterday I learned patience. And compassion. Because when your friend is hurt, even when you feel as though they have no right to be, they're still your friend and your heart is connected with theirs.

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