I just watched this weeks Glee, where they go to Regionals and I am so super happy. I literally have a Glee high. Why you may ask, well I'll tell you! The two people I've been wanting to get together DO get together [Kurt and Blaine] and it is just so awesome. I love that there's such a cute gay couple on Glee, and even just on mainstream television. Hopefully it will help the homophobes see that...
it's a beautiful thing!
[[[It's no wonder my old church kicked me out of their small group, huh?]]]
hahaha. Worth it! 

On a side note, one of my close friends recently hit me below the belt when they threw it in my face that our mutual friend (the guy I've liked for ages and ages) "wouldn't date me" and I really had no idea how...gosh...
it was until today. I have no idea when that will get resolved between us, and that's not what this side note is about. I'd like to instead point you to the real thing, which is how I did not cry, or feel the need to. I told him he was acting like a butt, and I desperately wanted to tell him what he could go do to himself, but that was it. 
No tears. No feelings of worthlessness.

I'm growing. Or more like, God is growing me.*

*I'll be blogging about how I don't really feel close to God right now...tomorrow. ish. 

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