I want to lose weight.
(I hate feeling that so many women have typed the same thing, and they resisted hunger and felt bad about themselves. Because I would bet big money that these women were beautiful. So it definitely sucks that weight loss is such a big deal to the female heart.)

But I want to remain me.
I was trying to find a picture of how I want to look, but honestly, I'd just like to have a smaller belly. I want to still be fun old me, and fun old me does not stay fun when I starve. And that is why...I'm not going to starve! 
Genius, I know.
Here's a picture so you know who I want to still be at the end of all this:
[[silly random me. Because weight doesn't affect who I AM, just what I look like.]]
Really, I just want to cut down on this:
So how am I doing that? Well, I'm drinking these awesome-actually-nutritious-and-somehow-manage-to-taste-good-shakes. That I also plan on drinking in Canada (I'm gonna be there for 6 weeks this summer, starting in July, yay for French immersion!)
And exercise I'm still somewhat chill about.
Why you may ask?
Well I'll tell you!
In the past when I've gone all gung-ho about working out, it fizzles out, crashes and burns, then stops burning just to light itself on fire again. 
And then there's brownies.

So I'm exercising when I want, and just putting a little bit of pressure on myself to do it more, because I actually enjoy it. Mainly because it's just dancing with the wii. And walking (ok, that hasn't happened yet. But it will!)

--->But the point of all this! Well, I'm excited! And for once, not because it's some huge endeavor, but because my goal is actually attainable because I believe in myself!

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