Things on my mind/that I've learned/am relearning:
1. I will always want to worry and be insecure when it comes to certain relationships, and sometimes it takes myself forcing me not to care to kind of be healthy, in some weird way.
2. Most of the time it's easier to just stay in the fast lane then try and hop out every once in a while.
3. I definitely don't like hanging out in large groups of people when I feel like everyone feels awkward because I'm there.
4. When I ask out someone [which I will shortly], I'm going to be direct. None of this "wanna hang out?" business. I want to date you, not 'hang out'. I feel like this should be said before any dating/hanging out business occurs.
5. When I'm someplace and I'm uncomfortable, I miss my best friend like I miss my home, which is odd, because we've been far away friends longer than live here and go to the same school friends.
6. My jealousy of skinny bodies is becoming more and more prominent in my thought life, and I don't know how I feel about that. Part of me feels like it's so vain to be so consumed by such a superficial thing. It's not even a yearning to be healthy or having good eating habits. I just wanna be super skinny! Grrr to you who have amazing metabolisms :)
7. I absolutely love having deep or at least non-superficial conversations with people that I just met. I met my friend's roomate and almost automatically got to talk about two authors that I greatly enjoy (Rob Bell and John Edlridge) and their books and got to hear her views and...we just really connected! It was great and such a blessing.

this list is on going and really just a result of me not being able to sleep. So I'll add more soon...or maybe I'll wake up in the morning and realize how stupid this blog post was. Guess we'll see!

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