I love doing these sort of posts, but I believe that if you do them too much, they become stupid. But the last one was in December! Things have changed, I promise! [or maybe they haven't, but no matter what I feel like writing, but not being too deep. So here we are.]
Things I'd like to say to/ask people: 

1. The song 'Almost Lover' (by A Fine Frenzy) always reminds me of you. Which sounds weird, but really I just remember it because I know it's your favorite song of theirs. Mine is 'Ashes & Wine'...just so you know.
2. I want to know why you wrote a hate letter to your sister...maybe I'm nosy. Maybe I just always want to know stuff, to hear someone's story. I'm glad it turned into a letter of forgiveness.
3. Hey friend brother. I love you so much dude. You make me feel more loved than your significant other...and sometimes thats messed up. I'm pretty sure we just speak each other's love language. [what up for chill hang out time!]
4. I like you. And I really want you to like me too, even though it would mess up my life. I'm ready to take that leap.
5. I feel like maybe I feel judgement from you because our friendship is so important to both of us, and something is trying to make doubt come between us. I don't want to lose you.
6. Sometimes I wish I COULD just come live down there. Right now though, I see it as an escape, and I just never feel called to run away from things. Sad face. I do truly miss you though!
7. We're not really speaking. How much will my life fall apart without you this time? 
8. Yes my sunshine, you have two on here. Whenever I hear the song 'Today' by Joshua Radin I think of you and our friendship and I smile on the inside. We're awesome together.

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