Sometimes my life gets so mixed up and confusion is flying everywhere that I just lay back and focus on the things that are True. For instance, this was a secret on PostSecret today, and even though I didn't send it in, it is such a huge truth for me that I teared up when I saw it: 
Some other truths that have been in my life lately:
-I sleep with the door cracked here, because if not I get scared at night. Turns out the only thing that kept me from ever being scared was sleeping on the top bunk in Lane's room and knowing she was right underneath me)

-Laying (or lying?) on my side is incredibly comforting for me, but I can never fall asleep like that.

-I always want to 'hug it out' but I never do.  (ie after fighting/disagreeing with someone, the next time I see them I always want to hug them. Or at least when it comes to close friends anyways.)

-I want to dance spontaneously with my husband. When there's music playing on the street or during a movie, I want to waltz or...something.

-I'm still in mourning over my best friend. I still haven't gotten to truly talk to anyone about it. I've come to truly believe the Swedish proverb: Shared joy is double joy, shared sorrow is half a sorrow.
---->Turns out the only person I would normally turn to in this would be her. So now I listen to 'Virginia Bluebell' by Miranda Lambert and 'Far Away' by Carol King (&James Taylor on guitar) and I let my heart cry.

-My current songs playing a lot on my youtube/in my head:
3 am (acoustic) by Matchbox 20
Nothing Fancy by Dave Barnes (I completely apply this song to how I feel about God, and I'm just in love with it)

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