One of the nice things about living in a technology driven culture is that when you want to not deal with rudeness and fighting, you can just turn off your phone. (Sometimes. Not always of course)

Tonight, I am ignoring my trials and tribulations. The things I could fight about but do not want to. The words I could write but see no use in them.

Tonight I relish in the fact that tonight will always be tonight. Dusk will always fall and make beautiful silhouettes of the trees in my backyard, their beautiful green replaced with a different kind of beauty. 
Rudeness does not affect them.
And tonight, rudeness will not affect me.
I am not untouchable because I do still feel the hurt of a message waiting to be written, a message that will hurt a friend who hurt me.
Hurts can go unsung, but eventually they need to do just that-
sing out. 
Not in harsh words or words that will tear down.
An explanation will suffice. An explanation I still do not look forward to giving. 

I still feel the sting of abrupt and impatient words that ended a phone call this evening. 
Not my words, not my choice.
And like the tree branches, my spirit sways.
But I refuse to not let the peace of tonight wash over me.
I refuse to not feel content with my life.

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