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Well, today is my first day off of facebook! Yes, I do miss it already. It is insanely weird waking up and not seeing notifications. I also decided to start posting pictures on my blog posts cause I mean...I've gotta post them somewhere! So here they are :)

The first was before my young adults group at Jubilee Church (Yes, I'm butchering the name. I can't help it, I never read their sign, I just love their people). I started going to this young adults group because of my friend Jordan that I met in my sign language class ages ago:
And now she's off to school (sad panda) but I'm still going to this group and last night we got to pray together and it was amazing. I went home with such encouragement over sharing with them that my heart is quite broken, and was so built up and called out by being told that I shouldn't be discouraged, but be encouraged, because that's the only way to not be in the funk that I was in. Oh boy was I in a funk. So quite literally praise God that I went last night! I love this group of people. They felt like family around the second time I went, and it's so weird because normally when I'm in a group with guys I just steer clear of them (okay, except for the guys that have now become my brothers, back in the day I did not steer clear of them) but this group! This group! The guys are cool and it's so refreshing to be around men of God. 

(ooooh the Christianese. Sorry my friends, I just couldn't help it)
"men of God" = guys whose hearts are truly after God

Well! This being my first post after the loss of facebook, I'll excuse myself for the rambling, hope to be forgiven with the addition of pictures, and I look forward to writing more focused things! But for those of you who miss me, here is a post with all my randomness :) And for those of you who REALLY know me, yes, I am completely distracted by it being:
1. morning
2. my need to take a shower.

Also! I now have one dreadlock in my hair. The end isn't finished yet and I sadly did have to use backcombing when before I was going to try and just use a knotting technique but DANGIT I needed results! 
Love your faces.

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