So I have this theory that if two people are together, either in a relationship, or into each other, or one person is just head over heels in like/love/lust with someone, that how their relationship ends depends on how intense left over feelings are. 

FOR EXAMPLE [sense I'm a flippin confusing person]

-If something happens, such as that person hurts you deeply, even once you break up and don't see them anymore, part of you is still in love with them. Because by hurting you, they made the decision to stop loving you actively. For that moment, they stopped trying to protect you and your heart, and instead hurt it by their actions.
Now your heart is crazy hurt, but your love for them remains. It's why you feel mixed up inside and well...
for a while, you HATE them with an intense hate. And you feel like that because you love them still. Sure you're mad and angry and incredibly distraught. But you're really upset because they stopped loving you and you're left loving them. 

If you grow apart, now that's a different thing. If both hearts get to distance themselves, they get to heal faster instead of just having a limb sliced off, like the above situation. I feel like in this scenario, there is a much better chance of the two people involved being friends in the future.

But that's just my two cents.


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