I don't know how to be in an actual legitimate romantic relationship. Not hiding, out in the open, hold your hand in public type of thing.
I've already gone about it in ways that people have said are wrong, but that's how I go about most things. I don't mean to make my own path, but I do. 

We've seen each other cry. We've met and enjoy each other's families. We call each other names when we play Call of Duty. We hold hands while he drives. We connect over the good things and our mutual love for Kool-Aid. Both of us think purple skittles are of the devil [because they ARE]. 
I'm the first "Christian" he's met that doesn't judge him. He's the first guy I've met that would move mountains for me. We both love loyalty and freely give it to the other. 

I do miss seeing my friends, so if I haven't seen you in a while, we should hang out! Don't think that just because there's a guy in my life that the place in my heart just for you has been filled. If you do think that...
put down the crack.

Side note: Praying is as always Good, with a capital G. Just like Grace. It's a beautiful thing. 

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