I have dreams. And although outlining what they are and the plans that I have in place to bring them about would not normally be what I would blog about, I feel as though I need to write them down so those around me can truly understand them.

On Sunday the pastor shared an African proverb with us: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 
I completely agree with that statement, and believe that we should gather people around us so we can invest in each other and go along for the crazy ride that are our lives. We should join together and support each other and just...help each other go far (go far in significance, not success). I've come to realize that I can't get upset with my friends/family for not supporting me (or as is often the case, trying to convince me to against my dreams) if they don't know the plan. Although a few of them know my heart and my passions, trust me and God in that, and have supported me no matter what. And to them, I say
Thank you!! (Epic monday peeps, nicole, and veronica, you're truly awesome)
So let's talk about dreams (these 2 coming up go together, even though it seems like they don't):
1. Tattoos.
Yes. I want to be a tattoo artist. No, I'm not going to art school. Would I love to? Heck yes. That's why I'm minoring in Art at George Mason University. Why not just go to art school you may ask?

2. Counseling.
BOOM. I want to be a counselor. In fact, I feel legitimately called to be a counselor. I actively believe that everyone needs someone to talk to who don't shove their opinions down your throat and are actually good at listening. I'm aware that you can see a need for something and not just go out and become that, for instance I could see the need for awesome Christ-follower counselors and decide that I'd like to do that, but would rather go to art school. But that's selfish. I'm passionate about helping people and tattooing them, and I'm not going to give up one for the other. This directly ties into my dream of helping victims of human trafficking. I want to go and be a counselor and work in rehabilitation homes with them, in countries like Africa and the Philippines. 

*Here's where I get pretty real. This is a sore subject with me, and it's about to come out*
Now let's talk about questions and support. I'm a big believer in if you want to support me and what God is doing in my life, hop on this train! Speak into my life, lift me up while I lift you up, heck, offer to pray with me! Be my friend! Even better, be my family! But if you want to suggest that I pick one or the other profession, you should keep that to yourself. 
----> That sounds super harsh. And I'm sorry about that (but not really).
Honestly, I get told that all the time. 
"why don't you just get tattoos instead of trying to tattoo others?"
"why don't you be a social worker instead?"
"why don't you join the army/peace corp/insert other military option here"
"why don't you just go to art school?"

I don't understand these types of questions. And I use the term 'questions' loosely, because I always feel like I have to defend myself and convince the asker of whatever my answer is. When the truth is, when you're living out what God has put in you, you don't answer to anyone but Him. 

I feel like so often my family and friends are on board with one of my dreams, but not the other. For instance my parents do not like tattoos to the point where I feel uncomfortable sharing my dreams with them because I feel like I'm letting them down by simply living out the passions God has placed in my heart. 
-----That's hard to live with.  

When it's suggested to me that I pick one or the other, I always want to suggest that they in turn split themselves down the middle and try to live a fulfilling life. Also, I don't believe in "just". As in, "Why don't you just _____________" No. I will "not just". I will live my dreams or die trying, because at least I will have led a fulfilling, worthwhile, 'go big or go home' life. I will not limit the dreams God has put inside me for anyone. 

The church I'm attending while I'm in San Antonio is doing a series called:
and you've just read what my 'give your life away' plan is. If it was just me, no, I wouldn't be doing all that I am. 
-------But my life isn't mine----------

*Also. If you know me and have felt like I'm calling you out, please don't be hurt. I'm saying all this because I WANT you on my journey. If I didn't I wouldn't say anything or write anything, I wouldn't set you straight on what God has put on my life. Please know that this is my way of saying "let's please go far together".

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