I have found that fear goes hand in hand with strength.
Or maybe not “hand in hand”...
Maybe fear is just strength's stalker.
And I've also found that the bigger the amount of strength shown or required, the bigger the fear.

I've made difficult decisions before, and you know what? I could blow off the fear most of the time. Maybe a few insecurities popped up here and there, but you deal with them, dance around your room and you're back.

But this big decision that I've made?
The fear that goes along with it, is amazing.
It's the sort of fear that makes you weep when it hits you. You cry because you're scared that you might not get what you're shooting so high for. You cry because you might have made the wrong decision.
You cry because it hurts.
Because don't all big decisions hurt a little?
Isn't that what makes them big?


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