When it comes down to it...it's the simple things I miss about my friends. Here's a list, just for my loves:
-I miss sitting at your kitchen table and watching you come down stairs in the morning. You have always been my most graceful friend, and that combined with just the "wow, we're really together, even if it is just for a week" always gets me
-Your smile lights up a room, and when you see me you smile just for me, and I will ALWAYS wish we could be the best of friends who live within...heck, just in the same state.
-I don't care how much we disagree and take weeks to email back, you make me feel small and safe when we hug and that means the world to me
-I miss your never-ending stories, which when the end comes have no point. That used to confuse me, but now I get it...it's like life really, sometimes you just want to share without having an official 'end'. (That's you dear Kevin, that's you)
-I miss seeing YOUR smile too, my friend who is far away but so very near. I feel like maybe you don't do a lot of smiling anymore, and I would do anything to fix that.
-You make me a better person because you're never scared to say anything to my face. And I love that I know I'll be one of your bridesmaids even after what happened with your brother. That always astounds me.
-I miss you and I've never met you, and today I miss you bunches. It's weird to think that you'd be taller than me by now.
-Dude we haven't talked in ages, and even though our friendship blew up, I still think you are a part of my future. Distant future I'm guessing, seeing as how you live in a different country. But you and I...we were good together. We made great friends.

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