I have started thinking more and more about the comparisons we make to each other, while everyone [or mostly everyone] puts stock in being an 'individual'. These two things do not add up and yet I definitely
comply to both, be it wishing I was as skinny as the girl walking
infront of me or dressing in my own personal style and not giving a
crap if I look different. We all look different but I still want to
look like her. And by her in this scenario, as I'm writing this in my
English class, it's the skinny girl who sits in front of me. And the
skinny girl who sits next to her. I'd like to look like either of them
But hear me out.
I am super trying not to whine, because I love that I'm different. I
love that I can listen and mostly not judge, that I accept and
encourage even if I do not believe what you believe, I love how much I
love color. I do not love my stomach or my arms.
And those two things are where I have my problem. They are
superficial, and I want to embrace them. I want to like it if they
shrink and accept it when they grow. I want to love them how I love my

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