Thank you for my 'here' friends
Thank you for my 'there' friends
And thank you for my 'it doesn't matter if they're here or there' friends

One of my closest friends is visiting from her far away college this week, and tonight she apologized after letting it slip that she isn't really homesick, and the two of us left here (by 'here' I mean, living at home and going to a local college) looked at each other and back at her, and said:


And I realized...we're happy for her. And we're okay with being here.
I'm here for a reason.
She's there for a reason.
And it's all good!

I used to miss my 'far-away-friends' a lot. A lot A LOT. I used to be hurt when my friends wouldn't say that they missed me, because I certainly missed them. But I finally get it. And now, I don't miss my friends anymore [sounds harsh I know, keep reading!]

Do I wish they were here/I was there so we could chill?
         Most certainly.

Do I wish that we lived in the same place so I could see them more?
         Heck to the yes.

Do I have moments where I don't want anyone else but them to be here, so we could:
          Walk to 7-11,
          Make duct tape bags out of tshirts,
         Go to CVS at 1 in the morning,
         Sit in Caribou till they kick us out,
         Lay underneath the stars and talk?

Just a lot more than a little bit.

---But it's okay that they're not here and I'm not there, because it makes seeing them that much sweeter. I'm not giving up missing people, or worrying over things I can't change, or getting worked up with things that I (at the end of the day) have nothing to do with, I'm just trading them in.

I'm making it a point to think of things that are...true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable. And wow is it hard! And wow is it making my stress levels go down!

PS. It goes without saying that I have some amazing 'here' friends that I am INCREDIBLY thankful for!

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