God has shown me how good He is. A friendship crisis averted [or really just me feeling hurt averted] and now...well, I feel awesome. I'm about to start creating some new art and trying some new stuff! And I'm wondering:
-what do guys[and vice versa] think that us girls 'get' about them that we just don't. I love talking more with my guys friends, because they just open up my eyes to things that I don't even think about. For example, I don't really know what to do when a guy is being vulnerable with me. I've found that I rely a lot on my face and my body language to show that I care for them and feel for them about what they're sharing with me, but with guys...I just sort of freeze up and feel uncomfortable. Something for me to think about I guess.
-How ARE you supposed to show that you care for someone when they're sharing something difficult with you? I love the simplicity my best friend and I [& a few of my other friends] have of just being able to text a heart and a smiley face, or just simply say "hey, I love you, you're awesome!"
-why, if God is so good to me, do I fall for just the absolute [yet cute] wrong people? I enjoy that I have a new crush, and I look forward to the day when I can actively like someone who isn't a ginger or my best friend, but that is not this person. Even thinking about it now, I know that if I ended up in a relationship with this person from my Creative Writing class, it wouldn't work out. And yet...I still might make a move. GUH.
-if I'll ever get past the bad worship band at my church. It's difficult because my old church had just the opposite problem, rockin worship band but the message wasn't great. But now this new church I'm actually considering going late just to lessen the slight sadness of not being able to enjoy myself in worship. However:
a. Worship is for God, at the end of the day. So I've been lately just concentrating on the lyrics and really mulling them over as I sing/try to focus on God.
b. I'm also wondering if God has a silver lining for this, maybe He wants me to set aside a time during my week for me to just sing to Him. Maybe this all goes a long with the new season I'm in, and instead of relying on feeling God and connecting with Him through the music, it's time for me to step up and find Him in His word and other places. Hard work is good for me, I believe this...but still! 

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