I think memories are weird.
I'm known for remembering names and random facts about people that I've heard of, and while I love that [even though it's odd] I still have problems remembering easy things. And where's the weird part?
I think in photos and feelings.
When I think of Veronica the first thing I think of is a freeze frame of her in Silver Diner, because that's the last place I saw her. However when I think of Marissa I have this rush of emotion, a hazy snapshot of a coffee place we frequent combined with the feeling of running through a field.
All of my friends are like that in my mind, either a picture or a rush of feelings, never more or less.
No voices.
No film clip.
Nothing the way I think a normal memory should be.

But then whose to say what's normal?
I'm going to go on a quest to see how other people remember things.

Here are some things that I remember when I think of certain people:
-so many pictures of you rush by it discombobulates me a bit
-curly hair and sunshine
-your lovely innocent smile, I couldn't draw you but I could write you a poem
-rocking chairs and a back I would've kissed
-cocaine and the smell of alcohol
-joy, flowing skirts and summer air
-a girl who never recognizes her reflection
-a picture with blue walls behind you and a laugh coming from your mouth
-an feeling of peace

Have fun guessing who these are my friends :)  Feel free to ask!

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