I'm watching a movie where two women choose to have a surrogate carry their baby and they come to find out that he is not developing as well as he should. Their doctor comes in and tells them that although sad, it is good that they found this out so early in the pregnancy, because now they can choose to terminate.*

I will never understand this.

Life is about love. It's true. You know it, and I know it. The people who think it's about money and success are on crack, because they can actually afford it. I have grown up with my mother earnestly telling me that you don't know love until you are a parent, or at least you don't know the deepest love until you are. I believe this and have believed it because I already have a love for my children. Don't you? 
Maybe i'm just weird. 
But it's just ingrained in me and I love it. Some people are meant to create music, some are meant to paint, some are meant to fly planes and defy gravity. I'm meant to dance and sit in trees and admire the sky, and have children. I cannot wait to love them and teach them about life and learn through their eyes.

I think about them, just like thinking of myself at a young age. What will I tell them?
What will I tell them about the friend who does not seem to want to remember our friendship?
What will I tell them about their father? [Check out part 2 of this, coming soon]
What will I tell them about their mother's first kiss? (Now that's a good story!)
What will I tell them about love? More importantly, what will I show them?

-I want to make good choices for them, not to be perfect, but to show them what it's like to walk down the path of your life and not take detours into who you are not. I'm one of the most honest people I know, and so I want to be ready to give my children the answers that I got, and didn't get.

*they choose not to terminate their baby. Yay! Go moms! Yay for lesbians!

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