"Sometimes things are not as we'd like them. That does not mean that they go away, instead our expectations must change."
I have no idea who said that [Google doesn't even know, GASP!]
but it's how I'm living my life. I've spent too long not liking my situation and not changing my expectations. And by "situation", I mean guys.
My love life.
My lack of love life.
However you'd put it. 

True life: I haven't been blogging because I've only wanted to write about one thing. Or really, one person. But I knew I'd get crap. And it's not that I don't respect your opinion, but it's my life. If you don't like my choices, well that's fine and dandy but it doesn't change anything. 

I'm done waiting for Mr. Right [or whatever you'd like to call him]
Instead I found a guy who I like and who likes me. 
Nope, he doesn't fit the guy I was originally looking for.
Nope, most of you won't approve.
But you love me, and so you'll respect my choice, yeah?
Fun fact! In French, "yeah" is: ouis. It sounds like "way" and is awesome! 

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