I have missed blogging! I feel like my last blog post was just very overwhelming for me, so I've been almost avoiding updating. So this is going to be one of my famous Erin lists, that will maybe be expanded on later.
-I got contacts! I'm still learning how to do everything with them, but I'm enjoying wearing makeup and not having my glasses distract people from my eyes. I'm still not sure if I'm going to stick with them...but we'll see! 

-I posted my last blog post on my facebook wall, and surprisingly did not get bit in the butt by it! I feel like if you write about personal things on your blog, getting flack for it is inevitable...and I thought for sure I'd have some church leader calling me and saying that my blog post was slander, to which I definitely would've considered saying a few choice words and asking them if after our phone call they'd have to buy a new phone since it's been used to talk to a heathen. [es joke, okay?] But I am truly thankful that I did not get flack/bit in the butt/have to open up a can (my favorite saying in 3rd grade).

-How can I already like someone new you ask?! Maybe I'm just attracted to people who aren't attracted to me. I definitely have that track record, I think I'm going on...4 people now, that I've dug and not had the feeling returned. Not a pity party by any means, at least it hasn't been the opposite, I'm definitely not down for having tons of boyfriends in my past. But yes, once again I like someone, and at the very least would love to become friends with him, as he is super interesting, and pretty much my exact opposite.

-Spring Break has been this week, and while I did not go wild and feel the need to be in a teensy tiny bikini on a beach somewhere, I definitely felt the need to not think about school at all. And alas now it is Monday eve, tomorrow being the day I must trek to my community college and try to converse in a language I do not know. I'm actually kind of okay with that though, because afterwards I get to go see my friend whom I love [Marissa!] and hopefully reconnect and share and...well I've just missed her and her wonderful self a ton. And I want to get this school on, and over with! 

-Yesterday I got to hang out with my big family and I just had a great time. Best quote:
Clinton (17 and a smart ass): Erin, did you know that water can stain stuff?
Me: No. It can't.
Clinton: Water with red dye can! 

Hahaha. I love getting together and just being stupid and not caring. 

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