Sometimes I want to comment on a guy's picture on facebook:
haaaaaaaaaaaaaay ;)

Cause that's my way of flirting.
I'm aware I'm a weirdo. 
One day I hope to find another weirdo that would get the humor/flirtiness of my facebook comments. 
Here's to dreaming! 

06/09/2011 17:05

incredible updates from an inspiring lady.

what a summer this will be (and already has been...) -- thanks for keeping us east coasters (me) informed of your whereabouts, ponderings and discoveries. beautiful stuff.

p.s. ...methinks image 16 (the texas heart) would make a rad tatt.


06/09/2011 17:07

haha, leave it up to me and my tech savvy-ness (read: LACK) to comment on the wrong entry. you could always get "haaaaaaaay" tatted too.

03/16/2012 01:31

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03/17/2012 06:36

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