you won't be with me down the road.
That a day will come when we both want separate things and the only way we can both have what we want out of life is to go our separate ways.
It scares me to think of a path that doesn't have you walking beside me down it, but I refuse to not walk down the path of my life because of that fear.
I can't stop living my life, journeying through who I am and what I love because you aren't running the same race as me.
Everyday we spend together will make it harder and hurt more if we separate, but I would rather have you now and not then as opposed to not having you then and not having you now.
I can't separate from you to spare my heart, because my heart is not my own and it never has been. It's always been in the sky, the ocean, in the people that simply need love.
And I love you.

And after all of that, I finally remember:
"'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all."

And I understand.

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