I like him not.
This has been what I've sworn to friends, family, churchgoers, and just generally nosy people for the past...2 years?
And I've learned many a thing from that path, one major thing being that you can't get rid of feelings by sheer stubbornness. Which I thought was a legit plan, because it's how I do a lot of stuff in my life. Get through classes, papers, and hard times. 
I've finally learned and am coming to accept that I don't have to be embarrassed over liking someone, heck, I have good taste! 
Going down that path of complete ignorance of my own feelings never really helped me deal with said feelings, but I've gotta say...I'm finally on that path, and I only KNOW that I'm on that path because I can recognize the very beginning of it.
I'm at that part where you're making sure that you have everything you need for your trek, and that you're not going to lose your car keys somewhere on the trail ahead of you. I've definitely already seen glimpses of the trail ahead, but I need to not rush and really learn this path because quite frankly...I don't want to wait so long next time to walk down it.

ps. TMI? sorry! hehehe

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