In a few weeks I'm going to go and visit my friend in Chicago. I done heard it had itself some tall buildins and whatnot! 

Sorry about that, I just had to break into a hick voice, because one of my many reasons for going IS to see the really tall buildings. Yes, I live in/near D.C....but that's different! There are no sky scrapers here. And honestly, I've grown up here, here is normal
I want to go THERE, which is really anywhere but HERE, to see something different! And other than gas and food, it's free, cause I can stay in a dorm! Really, it's a wonderful situation, especially for someone who loves road trips and has a very gas efficient car. But that's not what this post is about, stop distracting me! 

I find that people are always surprised at the things I will do alone. Such as go out to eat, go see a movie, go see the sights in Chicago or go wonder around Eastern Market. But to me, all that is normal. Being alone is normal. And not in a sad lonely crazy cat lady way, who may I point out is not alone, because she has all of her cats. No, I mean I'm okay with being alone because I'm an only child. I'm more comfortable alone, and whereas I would enjoy someone being with me in a place I don't know, I find that I'm more confident when I'm alone. I'm also:
more cautious. 
more likely to take a mess load of pictures.
less stressed.
more likely to dress weird.
more likely to make random friends, with people and dogs alike. 
and my favorite, more likely to chill.

A fun fact about me is that I love to chill in random places with a book and something to drink, and just enjoy the sun and people watch. I like just being. There's no stress over wondering if the person you're with would rather be doing fill in the blank. Nope. It's just you. You can do whatever you want whenever you want, for as long as you want. You want to pee 5 times in 2 hours? You go for it, no one is going to judge you or think you have a bladder the size of a tennis ball. 
------> I plan on tweeting a bunch when I'm there, just so my parents can stay up to date with me. I'm sharing that with you just in case you stalk the side bar of this blog and happen to see a bunch of tweets about Chicago and traveling and getting lost (at my friends college, not in Chicago)

So now you know that there are definite perks to being an only child. There's also downsides, and I never recommend anyone purposely only having one kid. It's just mean. hahaha.

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