I guess I just don't have anything deep to say lately. But here's a fun list:

-Sometimes people see things in me that I don't see in myself. I used to deny them, say that they were wrong, that what they saw wasn't in me and now...I just don't care. If I look at my heart and do or do not see something, it doesn't really matter, as long as I give whatever it is to God. That's my simple, yet very peaceful answer. 
-I watched Forrest Gump again this week, and was reminded  both of how much I love that movie, and how much I love one of my best friends. We agreed a long time ago that we are like peas and carrots, and I absolutely love that.
-Skype is amazing and I think way more people should have it.
-Love languages are amazing with how different they can be. I've come to realize that I really don't feel appreciated when someone tells me something, but if someone openly expresses that they want time with me? Woah. That's awesome stuff.
-Two of my friends and I have a tradition of going to an island around here and taking 'band pictures'. Granted, none of us really play any musical instruments, but wow are we good at taking these things!
-Even after two hours of talking to one of my friends, it is still hard to express directly to him how much I care for him. Which is sad, because I think we all need to do it so much more.

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