The past few days I've become obsessed with Taylor Mali (I'll link to a few of his poems at the bottom of this post). He just really inspires me to write, and I love that feeling. So here's a bit:
And mom and dad are surely mad
And I’m jut sitting here
Thinking about painting the sky
And what if squirrels were purple?
Because tuning out is more than a hobby
It’s a sport I play
And can’t you see I’m champion?

And the song ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ has always felt like a lie
Because brother you won’t be home
And sometimes I just want to cry

It’s been pointed out that I believe that God’s love is conditional
That I’m calling God a liar by not believing that He loves me
Just the way I am
And people seem to think that’s shocking
Which I just can’t comprehend
When no one else has ever loved me for just me
Not for what I do
Or the laughter I inspire
Or maybe they have
And they’ve just never loved me most

'4 ways we love each other'  
'Depression too is a type of fire'  (my favorite. which says something about me, which is quite true)


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