I just can't seem to get out of bed but
My how I miss You.
Using the lies as sheets to cover my body and believe that
If I just rest here the hurt won't find me;
The stress won't come unless my feet touch the floor and so I 

My how I miss You,
Even though you live inside me it feels as though I
Just can't raise my hands to You anymore.
I know You feel my heart sinking and the nagging urge I have to
Tie stones to it and let it hit the ocean floor
Descend down into the muck because I
Don't see an end in sight.

I know You'll catch me if I fall but
I wish I could stand and take Your hand.
Become the woman You've called me to be,
But I've lost my heart to a man who won't give me his own
And I'm breaking while my
Heart is sinking.
My how I miss You.

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