I find that I figure stuff out about myself and my feelings in my dreams. Not all the time, certainly not in the dreams where everything is all weird and I'm being chased by a monkey (I've never actually had that dream...but I couldn't think of another example). Last night I hung out with a pretty large group of friends and ended up having a really good time, but in the beginning just felt very out of place, which 'Dream Erin' definitely held onto. In my dream last night/this morning I was back in the group and long story short, ended up throwing a hairbrush at a guy's...AHEM. During said throwing, I remember looking at his face and not feeling anything other than anger towards him. And this was one of my friends. After said throwing I turned to one of my friends and started sobbing in her arms. 

Normally in dreams, I am a very violent person. So just throwing something (and cussing at him) was very tame for me. However, I woke up still with so much anger and hurt towards the night that it really surprised me. Also, I had a very deep bite in my lip which for me, means that I had been clenching my jaw for most of the night. The dream plus the anger for a very real reason (and not because someone had stolen my baby giraffe) is really making me think this morning that...maybe I've got some feelings here that I've been trying to brush over. And you can do that for a long while, but I know personally that it will come out in real life. Especially with the addition of tears after the anger...I'm harboring some hurt feelings. 

Figuring out myself through my dreams is something I feel is a proactive way of exploring my own heart. So this personal reflection and dream study may seem odd to you, but it's a very real way for me to try and get to know myself a little better. Also, if I am this angry in a dream, it normally means that eventually it will come out in real life and I like to be prepared for that.

PS. I have a recurring dream about a baby giraffe that is coming to live with me. In past dreams I've gotten my whole backyard ready for it, only for it to be scared away by one of my friends being loud. I harbor slight resentment toward her for this reason. (hahaha)
My baby giraffe!

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