It's weird.
     ----->I feel like I could start most of my stories/thoughts/ideas with that small sentence.

Today I got all of my George Mason [the college I will be attending here shortly] stuff worked out, for the most part and yet...
I'm here wondering if I'm making the right decision. I want to be so many things and all of them fit me.
    Life is just Too Short

Currently my plans are to be a counselor. Have a little counseling office with a waiting room and a quirky hippie receptionist and a...
tattoo parlor attached.
       ------> uh duh. Isn't that what you were expecting? Yeah? Good. You know me.

And that plan will work. I believe in it. It fits. But today I'm sitting on the couch somewhat wishing I was going to school to become a midwife. Becoming a midwife has been something I've really enjoyed the idea of for a long time, and it would also fit for my life. And "who knows" I've thought to myself, "maybe I'll do it when I'm older, once I have kids and have actually gone through child birth."

Moral of the story is: if I could sign up for more than one life, I would in an instant. Which is crazy stuff, because when I was in high school the idea of dying young seemed very fitting. Now, I want to grow old, have rocking chairs on the porch, my Jonathan next to me, and get facial tattoos in my old age. [Clearly I'm going to be the most rocking grandmother, not counting MY mother] I love that my life has become wonderful and I have so much hope. I love getting to share that. Also I love that I have now parallel parked twice successfully. [That random sentence was so I could show this:]
---watch from 1:37 to 1:58---
Yup. Pretty much the funniest thing I've seen all day.

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