-I constantly feel judged and that I come up lacking. 
-I don't call the Virgin Mary the "virgin mary" in my head, I call her "the holy mother" which is just...incredibly Catholic of me, and I have no idea when I picked that up. I like it though. 
-I will risk everything for love. Hands down.
-I am incredibly stressed even though nothing seems to come of it. ie there's tons of stuff that needs doing and even just sorting out in my head and heart, and although I stress over it all, I don't have enough to show for it. 
-I have a thing for Europeans who are technically Americans. Who saw that coming? Here's a hint: not me. 
-I desperately want a tattoo with my parent's handwriting, and I think my father won't contribute to it. And by that I mean won't write what I need him to write. If that happens, I think that will be a defining point in our relationship, and that scares me. 
-I am purposely not confiding something to my friends because it will make all of us sad if it comes to happen, but it might not come to happen, so what's the use in telling them? 
-My laundry never seems to be done...
-One of my friends from my Creative Writing class lives one street over in my neighborhood, we just found out the other day. I'm so psyched. She has a stutter and I find it refreshingly wonderful. I know what it's like to struggle with words, why do you think I learned sign language?
-Holy Week in Spain looks amazingly weird and awesome, you've gotta see these pictures. You're gonna have to google to get the full effect [well I guess for that you'd actually have to GO, which I want to do, but only when I have someone to hold my hand] It's really amazing what cultures all over the earth do in the to celebrate Christ's death and resurrection, I'm currently loving this website cause it has great pictures. It is sort of strange to me though, that they do all of this ceremonial stuff, some as penitence and some as tradition, but I wonder if they know that they are forgiven and loved without doing any of it?
-these sculptures [Another Place] speak to me! I'm just...in love with them. I want to be there and have my life interact with these around me, if that makes any sense. Like a road I take everyday, I want these in my life as much. Link!
-I took down my facebook. I'm aware that I'm letting stress overwhelm me, but I figured it was one less place that stress could come from. I normally only last a few days when I do this, so lets see how long I last this time! 
-Do you guys get annoyed with my random lists? I think you should share thoughts with me, and let me know...just sayin! 
Oh wow, this post just keeps on going! Here's something I wrote yesterday [btw, if you're wondering why I write randomly, it's because this is my release, the clearing of my head]

She talked about her boyfriend getting into a car crash, and I wished you were there to hold my hand.

Always there to hold my hand.

Sometimes I'm scared that I'll never want to intertwine my fingers with someone other than you, but mainly I'm scared of the day when I will. 

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