---> In my mind I read the poem in Luna Lovegood's voice. I really relate to her :) [Harry Potter geek moment!]
      On Wednesday I'm bringing this poem to my creative writing class to have them tell me if it makes sense, and to just tear it apart. I'm going to coach them before I read it to them/hand them their copy to make sure that they really dig into it. I think I'm the person there who most wants criticism. And I'm glad, cause I can only handle one weirdo per class. hehehehe. 
This is my poem called 'Blue Line' although I've also toyed with the idea of calling it 'Franconia-Springfield' (random info, but true!), it's a revised poem that I put on this blog ages ago.

So...let me know what you think!
Blue Line
It’s that time again when
I have the shakes and everything starts getting intense;
I don’t know if I’m tripping or detoxing,
But I do know that it has been too long since I put words down on paper 
And made them My words, turned into My poem.
Of my feelings
Of my humanness
Of my heart.

The blue line is the train I catch
But my world is, for a few moments, defined by a different line on the floor.
A line between the edge of the platform and 
How close I should stand.
Where the lights flash and people don’t walk
Because of the unspoken rule that says “too close!”
Signified just by being a different shade then the rest of the tiles on the floor.
I watch people step right up to the line,
I wonder if they think about going closer.
If they want to stand and feel the wind of the train rushing by them;
Let the glow from the windows light their face,
And know that they have reached that place of in-between. 

Just like we all have. 
People live there in their hearts,
The place between being themselves and being who everyone else wants to see,
Living their lives the way they want
The way they dream about
Or the way everyone else does
Who stay behind the line.

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