I've recently wondered if I like all the wrong people...and in the past, I definitely have. But my two most serious 'like's (really, the only 2) were actually good choices. Good moral character...liked girls. Loved God.
And along those same lines it occurred to me that sometimes it really is other people that are the ones liking the wrong people.
Just my random thought for the day.

Today was such a great day at church, I went to my old church(cool place, my first real church home), because I needed to catch a ride with one of my friends who attends regularly, so it was just easier to go to that church this Sunday. And wow it was such a blessing. In fact, here are my sermon notes:
New View
Kevin Dawson, SCC
Emotions seem more real than the bible sometimes, but it needs to be he other way.

-John 20:10-16. - grief gets in the way
(Even disciples/people really close to Jesus freaked out cause they couldn't look past their own view)
Mary at the tomb talking to angels. And Jesus.
1. Doesn't acknowledge that angels are even present
2. Mistook Jesus for the gardener
--Sometimes we look so hard for where Jesus should be laying that we miss where he IS
We don't want people to tell us scripture when we're upset; that's us rejecting Gods view because of our emotions

Mark 6:47-50 disciples scared on a boat think Jesus is a ghost and get scared
-they mistake their mentor/their teacher
We all have hose moments where we look at Jesus as someone from run than to run to. So concerned about what people are going to think/judge.
-don't allow your emotions your fear to get in the way of who God is

Luke 24:13-32 long walk where Jesus schools the disciples on all the scriptures concerning Him
1. Intellectual discussion about what had been happening (Jesus's death life resurrection)
2. They were kept from recognizing Jesus
3. It wasn't a short walk (7 miles)
"don't ever stop asking the questions, but also believe. Why do the questions exist, why are you so driven to get the answers?" Isn't all this pointing to a God, & that's you want to find out.
1 Cor. 2:9-10a.

A NEW VIEW - changes what we do
Acts 9 - Saul getting knocked down & God changing his view
2 Kings 6 servant of Elisha- angel armies!
Exodus 3 Moses and the burning bush "here's still burning bush experiences today, we're just too busy with our schedules to notice"
Leonardo Da Vinci- adjustable monkey wrench, flying machine, recorded notes in the mirror effect. In all he discovered, he knew there was a bigger view. Final words: "God, I'm so sorry I left so much undone"

"I'm not saying everyday will all happy, but I am saying you will never be alone"

So beastly, I loved it. Especially since I am one of those people who tends to say "Don't give me a scripture, it doesn't help for what I'm feeling right now" Which just isn't true. So I'm going to work on that and really try and dive into the love letters that God has written me.

Also, one of my old youth leaders got...ordained today? I don't know what it's called. He's an official 'pastor' which I just have to say, is cool and all, but seriously...where is that found in the Bible? The pastor who awarded him (or whatever you call it) even said "and for all of us who are called to full time ministry..." fill in the blank. They were so happy for him or something.* But that SHOCKED me. Basically because:
1. We are all called to full time ministry. Jesus said to go out to all the nations, and tell them about him. He is hope. He is love. ie the great commission. It was for all of us, not just the ones who have gone to school and gotten a piece of paper.
2. Seriously...I'm sorry, I just don't remember Jesus saying "hey, come with me and I'll make you fishers of men, oh wait, you just have to go to school and get a piece of paper that says you can now preach with a mic on stage"
Nope. Didn't happen. 

My point? I think we have to realize that when it comes to church, some things are church, and some things are God. Now I can hear from God and be a great public speaker, and even feel called to share what I've heard from Him to other people, but because I haven't gone to seminary, I can't get up in a church (certain churches) and say what God has given me to say. But I can go to some public places and share with people. I...wish things were different.

Random facts you'd like to share?
On an english keyboard there are over 3,000 words that can be typed by the left hand alone.

*I'd like to point out where I do sound pretty negative, I am happy for him, and I think it's always great when someone is so focused on Christ. And if God called him to be an official pastor, than hey, I am super happy for him, which I am anyways, cause he's awesome. And so is God!

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