"Hey Dad, that sound that the dirt makes when you break it up with the shovel...don't you just love it?"

I can't wait to share that with my kids. Teaching them how green isn't just the color of a crayon, but how it can be so many different shades, all represented in one blade of grass. I want to show them how to get high off of life.

I've been a nanny for a month in a half now, which means that I've known the twins since they were two weeks old. Insert pictures!
I mainly watched Zoe, the female twin, and she became my GIRL. And there were many times when both of them were crying and I was the only one there that I decided "no WAY am I having kids anytime soon!" because...wow, you don't know overwhelming until you are trying to feed and burp two infants at once (and the dogs are howling and you can't find a spit up cloth, and there are no bottles upstairs, and the phone is ringing and you're obnoxiously warm and sweating). But after all of that, all the meltdowns, and them crying a little too (hahaha) there's this great feeling of accomplishment and love. Like trials in a friendship, those times make your bonds run deep.

I was talking with my friend the other day and we were connecting over how we both want babies (okay, me more than her) and we were agreeing over how much crazy work they are, and how crazy awesome they are, and I left thinking "yeah, waiting is cool, I don't need a baby right now!". But you know what? I want one. I want that family. 

Yeah. This is a sappy post  :)

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