Tomorrow my friend and I are meeting in DC to just hang out at the mall and enjoy the nice weather. I was thinking about bringing along the 4 year old that I watch, until I realized that the friend I was hanging out with wouldn't appreciate it and really...would teach my little dude things he doesn't need to know yet. Which inspired this writing: 

I want him to know only sunshine and dancing for as long as possible.
To keep the scary world out, and the ‘you can do anything’ world in.
The world where good always wins and badness doesn’t live in people’s hearts.
One day someone will feed him the lies that he isn’t strong enough, that he doesn't look right, that he is missing something vital…but that day won’t be today.  Or tomorrow.
I want his eyes to stay a clear blue, reflecting the innocence of the sky. I want him to stay a little boy at heart for as long as he can. He has freckles and a gentle spirit, both of which he will be teased for one day, and loved for later on in life. 
There is a time for growing up, but that time isn't now. Now it's time for shirts with fire trucks and hands painted with light sabers, shown proudly to strangers. For milkshakes that taste green and favorite colors to be vastly important. Dancing and funny faces to be as easy as breathing. 


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