Out in the middle of nowhere I’ve found myself really thinking about some things, mainly what I think is true, and what I know is true. I’ve found that I think a lot of things are true, but I do not know a lot of things are true. Superficial things aren’t especially counted, such as I know that the sky is blue [and beautiful and inspires amazing introspection and looks amazing all the time, night or day]. So this is going to be a series, of what I know is true. And maybe sometimes there will be a ‘what I think is true’ or even a ‘what I hope is true’. 

Let us begin.

What I know is true:
God rescued me.

I don't know how to be in an actual legitimate romantic relationship. Not hiding, out in the open, hold your hand in public type of thing.
I've already gone about it in ways that people have said are wrong, but that's how I go about most things. I don't mean to make my own path, but I do. 

We've seen each other cry. We've met and enjoy each other's families. We call each other names when we play Call of Duty. We hold hands while he drives. We connect over the good things and our mutual love for Kool-Aid. Both of us think purple skittles are of the devil [because they ARE]. 
I'm the first "Christian" he's met that doesn't judge him. He's the first guy I've met that would move mountains for me. We both love loyalty and freely give it to the other. 

I do miss seeing my friends, so if I haven't seen you in a while, we should hang out! Don't think that just because there's a guy in my life that the place in my heart just for you has been filled. If you do think that...
put down the crack.

Side note: Praying is as always Good, with a capital G. Just like Grace. It's a beautiful thing. 



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I feel like I haven't actually blogged in FORever. 
So I should really catch you up on my life.
But I'm not going to.
I've been thinking about Ruth and Naomi lately. Mainly Ruth [a gal in the Bible] who told Naomi [the mother of Ruth's late husband]:
Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the LORD deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.

Ruth shows such devotion to a woman she is no longer tied to! In fact, Naomi is urging her to go back to her family before Ruth pours her heart out to her. I've been wondering if I will ever feel such devotion to another person, or even have such devotion in my heart. 
That's the true wonderings here, not so much the person to whom this passion is placed upon, but the passion itself. 

The part that hits home to me so forcefully is "and your God my God". My God has always been my God. He is amazing and wonderful and the maker of the universe. We go hand in hand and I will follow Him anywhere because with Him I have dreams and love and such an amazing connection. Us two walking together has always been the picture in my head and it has helped to bring my heart peace when people come and go, because that is how a journey works. 
At times there are travelers who walk by your side but only for a time, because no one will be by your side for the entire thing, it just isn't possible. Everyone has their own path to walk. So when friends go away to college or get really busy with work, or even more half way across the country, I know that even though we don't remain on the same path I will always have the memories we had while we walked together. 

So the idea of joining together with someone till death and maybe not even then? 
Giving up my idea of God to join hands and accept their idea of God? Where they die I die!?!

My point: I have this idea of God, this picture in my mind. And it's changing the more people I meet, and in some places it gets stronger and in some places I have more questions. Passionate devotion and trust like Ruth had for Naomi are new concepts to me, and I absolutely love that. In new things I grow, and I am loving my roots branching out!
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Also: Jonathan is 26 [I'm mentioning it because...people ask. And I forgot to say that] so yes! There you go, inquiring minds. 

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