It's so easy for things to blow up in friendships. Or relationships in
general, especially using technology. It is exceptionally easy for me
to get hurt, hurt others, and a multitude of other things that could
be avoided if things were talked out in person.

A friendship is definitely over, and maybe I should be more sad.
Mainly I just feel the weight of angry words that I was not expecting.
I would be more sad if the friend was in my life, but she's distanced
herself so much that there will be no noticeable difference.
She's rejected me to the point that my heart associates her with
canceling and a friendship put on hold.
Really the thing that I wanted-to still hang out in groups with her
has definitely been ruined.

I think people underestimate the power of offense.
I offended her, so she offended me.
Isn't offense just an outcry of pride?
Looks like yet again, pride has come into play, and before I could
call time-out, the game is over.
Neither side won.


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