Family has become more of a 'thing' with me lately. Not a phase, but more of a realization. As my world expands and I make more friends, I've come to realize that even though blood is thicker than water, the water I share with my close, amazing friends is...great. Magical. Blessed. It's what I am to have them and what our friendship is, blessed blessed blessed. I'm not infatuated with this idea, but rather comforted by it.
Brothers. I have two, and one that lives in my heart. I know that I can come to them for advice, but also...for fun. Love. Loyalty. We can be jerks to each other [which has happened] and things get worked out, because that's what you do. I wish I could express how thankful I am for these two friends to be amped up to brother status. It's kind of like I was driving back from Chicago and realized that the boy next to me was family, and why hadn't I seen that before?
----> Also, I've started talking more and more to guys. Finally ready to get out of the friendzone that I had set up camp in years ago and never bothered to leave. I've come to realize though, that strong Christian dudes are...well, I don't know where they are. But I won't date anyone less then the two very cool examples I have.

Sharing a passion with friends is something that almost can't be described by words. I have some great friends, but it's the ones who are on fire for God that are family. Closer then real family sometimes, because I can turn to them and say that I'm praying about a decision, and they'll understand and know the difference between waiting on God for direction and weighing my options. Some of my older friends use to have God in their hearts...and then it was like they snuffed out that light inside of them. I don't know what happened, but I feel like they became consumed with themselves, not in a vain way, but in a life happens sort of way. It makes me deeply sad, like watching someone drown but you just can't seem to reach them, no matter how hard you swim.

I haven't mentioned sisters in here and that's because...well, I guess they're not as heavy on my heart as my brothers. I've never had a guy who knows God and is in LOVE with God accept me, just for who I am; but I have been lucky enough to have females do so. My girl friends are awesome. Dur. I've been using the word awesome a lot lately, sorry guys. They're family, easy peasy. But there's just something about brothers right now....

And please understand me, not all of my friends are family, that's why they're called friends. But friends or family, no matter what, you're important to me. And if I let you into my life and my heart, well you're stuck with me :)

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