What's up with me: [ugh. so egocentric. sorry!]
-started George Mason - love it. love love love. already looking into Masters programs
-decided to definitely be a high school counselor. seriously.
-finally went to the doctor about stress - turns out I've been having panic attacks. Who woulda thought? Weird.
-been feeling creativeness needing to come out of me, hence:
    Sleep pounds in my ear
    A steady
    We take turns chasing each other
-My birthday is soon and I'm so excited to turn 22 - (Feb. 11)
-Hating people on soap boxes lately - 3 fingers pointing back at you, ya know?
-Really want to hang out with people - oddly enough, too nervous to try.
-Stopped trying in a few of my friendships, realized I don't really miss them. Realized they haven't noticed.
-Relationship with parents - amazing
-Relationship with Jonathan - awesome
-Relationships with people who skype - great! 
-Some pictures that I love -

02/01/2012 21:08

the comic girl picture is amazing. i can't stop staring at it. also. that 3 finger saying is the best. i use to say it a lot. ALSO. did they put you on meds? that's crazy! i'm glad you've figured it out though.


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