I want to be like Lane.
It's not often that I say things like that.
Normally I'd like someone's wisdom or self-control.
But right now, I'd like to be like Lane.
She is at peace with who she is.
Sue knows she is loved and she finds contentment in that.
She doesn't need to be in on every conversation that she walks into.
She accepts people readily and doesn't feel left out.

(of course this is all speculation. and who knows, maybe Lane is just an emotional ninja and so I have no idea about any of this. but still.)

Tonight all I know is that I:

--smell like fire. Because we just had a bonfire where there was good Belgian beer, fun conversation and a rousing game of Big Booty.

---am tired of feeling left out. And only I can make myself feel left out, no one else has that control over me.

----and lastly but most definitely not leastly, the God of the universe wants to be my best friend. He wants our souls to mingle together and for me to know Him intimately. How fan I feel alone when the God of the Awesome Ocean both lives inside me and has the trees whisper His name as I pass? This God who has picked up my life and made me fall in love with Him; walks with me and holds my hand. When all I hear is French all He wants me to hear is Him whispering to my soul
      "I love you and you are lovely. You will never be left out when it comes to Me."

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