Jon Acuff, author of the blog 'Stuff Christians Like' wrote a 40 before 40 list for his latest blog post, listing the stuff he'd like to accomplish before he turns 40 (he has 5 years, as of today). 

So I was like...well that's bitchin! (that word needs to come back, and not mean a female dog, but instead 'cool'. Cause's awesome.)

Here's (part of) my 25 before 25 list:
1. Have doing a back bend in pictures be a theme for a few months. In front of monuments, on the beach, wherever I go that's not, ya know...Walmart. 
2. Perform/read one of my poems at a poetry reading.
3. Read one of my poems to the person it was written for.
4. Be able to run 5 miles without hating myself and wishing I would die. 
5. Get another tattoo
6. Drive at least halfway across the country (which means either visiting Dave in Chicago, Cristen in San Antonio, or the Osbourns if they're visiting Texas.
7. Save up enough money to pay my parents back, so I can start making dent in my tattoo list
8. Hear someone say "You're too pretty to cry" or something along those lines.
9. Hold a boy's hand
10. Go to a different country
11. Dance with other people and truly not care what they think

More will be coming! 

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