That's a twitter trend right now, and I'd participate, but I'm rarely on twitter, and most of my friends aren't. But it got me thinking, if I listed 20 people, would those people be surprised, or do they already know how much I care for them?
My very best friends, they know, mainly because so often when I'm feeling unloved, or really just needing love, I show love to them. And often, they show it back (well, the girls do, the guys don't. typical!) so along those lines I of course, just like some of you, have thought about what I'd do if I only had ____ hours to live. And I know for me, I'd want to film myself telling people how much I love them, how awesome they are, and if I had time, to name things about them that they need to know are just...what makes them wonderful. 

So what I'm considering doing is this:
Writing letters. Not waiting till some mysterious end of the world thing, which I don't even believe in, happens. I want the lovely people in my life (and oh so many are quite lovely) to know how much I treasure them. I want there to be no doubt in their minds, that even if we don't hang out all the time, or I haven't seen them in years, that they're still on my heart, that they touched my life with something about them, and that I love them. These are the sort of things that people remember, and to be able to build someone up in such a tangible (yet slightly vulnerable way, at least on my part) is something I would greatly enjoy doing.

And what I'm wondering is, is there anyone in YOUR life who might have doubts or just plain ole not know how much you love them?

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