"There's only one thing two do three words four you.
i love you."
Hearing that song still makes me smile, we all have one or more of those songs that we applied to a person when you weren't just you, you were a 'they'. A couple. 
So cute!

I was thinking about couple-y things today and about nature, and both of those things led me to how some guys do not like to get flowers for their gal, and some girls don't even like to get flowers. Guys think they're stupid, or...pointless? Or maybe they think that they'd rather write her a song and sing it to her? That's cool. We'll take that  ;)
Girls think...that they die, so it's sort of sad? I don't know, I'm sure these girls and guys have very legitimate reasons, that I completely respect. 
--->I like flowers. Just sayin.
However it occured to me! You know what would also be cool? To give someone a picture, that you took that day, and say "Hey, I saw this beautiful thing, and it made me think of you". I know if my guy did that, wow oh wow.

"A picture's worth a thousand words, and baby, you said it right!"

And this idea, is completely possible, completely doable. It involves...what? Going out of your way to look for something beautiful, something you know they'd enjoy. A stop to walmart, cvs, anyplace with a printer? Or heck, email it and print it out at home. 
I can tell you one thing...she'll keep it longer than flowers. (Or maybe I'm just weird and love photos. but still!)

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