And we still lived in Maryland, we had a pool in our backyard. It was an above ground, tons of metal stakes maybe not the most legit looking thing ever sort of pool. But it was great and it's the reason that I learned to swim before I walked (there was accident and I fell in. Then I swam!). I loved that pool. We could go swimming at night, so you could lie there and feel your hair floating out all around you and watch the bats fly over your head and eat mosquitoes right out of the air.

The gross thing about owning your own pool is cleaning it. It was all of our jobs to scoop out the bugs with one of those long nets, but of course I only remember me doing it. For a few summers it was our goal (my father and I) to get a dead dragonfly out of the water safely, without it breaking apart. I know it sounds gross, but it's already dead, and everything has to die sometime. We wanted to make a clear paper weight out of it. I don't exactly remember how, I only remember the clear stuff, the mold, and the need for a dragonfly. And how epic I thought it would be. 

So now the net to get the bugs out, you couldn't just use that, that's what would cause the dragonfly to break apart. They're exceptionally fragile, because of their long bodies. So I would get in and scoop it up with my hands, which can be a scary thing for someone who hates suspense. Cause there were a few times were you would pick it up, and it would shake and then fly away. It was great being able to rescue it of course, but it would scare me every time with it's sudden movement.

But looking back at those days in the pool, and learning how to be so gentle with something that kinda freaked me out...well those are some good memories. And learning how to appreciate such an amazing creature, that's pretty awesome too. Cause dragonfly's are freaky awesome up close.

 Just being able to close my eyes and feel the water seeping out of my hands, leaving the dragonfly body lying there, with its translucent wings full of those are some great summer memories. And I am so thankful for both of my father's* for inspiring them.

*My dad. and my Dad. :)