Today was the first time I've gotten in a disagreement with one of my friends, and was purposefully mature, didn't flip out even on the inside, and even suggested something that I knew would hurt me but would be good for our friendship. Yay! I know all this sounds retarded, but in the past only my ginger has been this mature and I've always been all "how do you do this!?!?" cause my heart tends to get in my way and I just freak out. But not this time. 

anyways! What I'm wondering come I don't already have this?
(it's a wall decal)
I feel like there's been a 'fail' going on, maybe mine, maybe my wonderful friends who are aware of how much I love and need giraffes in my life but were not aware of this marvelous thing? Who knows. I cannot wait till I have my own apartment/room/shack and I can paint a room full of giraffes and people will walk in and think it's a nursery and I'll say "no way jose! this is my living room fool!" and then they'll realize that it's amazing and we'll all high five. 

Back to my friend. I'm really hoping this works. I love her. And I just found the beastest Christmas present for her.

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